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Corporate Overview

About us
Oasis Bastion is one of India's leading professional recruitment consultancy, specializing in the placement of candidates in permanent, contract, temporary and interim positions with clients across pan India.
The oasis is a symbol of hope and fertility despite being in the middle of a desert.
The desert general represents the lack of opportunities and the oasis is often the antipode of the desert. Hence, when the aspirants are devoid of vitality and opportunities, the oasis emerges.
The bastion is symbol of an institution, place, or person strongly maintaining particular principles, attitudes, and activities, we expect our recruitment consultants to adhere to these standards in their daily actions.
Each specialised division focuses solely on one particular industry, allowing us to provide unrivalled professional service and client support.
Our Vision
Our vision is the become the fastest-growing, most rewarding most inviolable institution in the service industry.

We see PEOPLE, not candidates


Our Specialized Services

We have catered multiple SME’s and MNC’s across diversified sectors including Information & Communication Technology, Chemicals, Manufacturing, FMCG, Entertainment, Finance, Aviation, BPO, KPO, Marketing, and Infrastructure/Construction.

Our Business Principles

We understand that workforce requirement is witnessing a constant change with disruptive business models and technology making breakthroughs every financial year.
As a company we are keen on supporting organizations to achieve their strategic imperative by introducing them to desired candidates.

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.
Ankit Pandey
Founder & Director
Abhishek Dandekar
Managing Director

What Our core client say ?

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